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All you need to teach about Ocean and Seas to your students! This Preschool Curriculum bundle includes Bible story boards, scripture, coloring pages, activities in each learning domain and so much more! Bring Biblical integration into your lesson plans with this Ocean and Seas Bible and Academic Pre K Curriculum bundle and teach the love of Christ through Jonah and the Big Fish, The Red Sea Miracle, The Miracle of Fish, and Jesus Walks on Water. Over 100 pages of colorful illustrations and activities for your students to learn all about Oceans and Seas and how they can apply the lessons to their lives!


Included in bundle:

Full Curriculum in all Learning Domains

Bible Story Boards and Coloring Pages

Ocean Animal Sequence Cards

Academic Activities

Math, Literacy, Science, Character Education, 

Rhymes, Counting, Graphing,

Arts and Crafts with step by step instructions

Ocean Animals Counting Activity

Three part cards

Letter Tracing

Sentence Reading

Move like an Animal Gross Motor Activity Cards

and Much Much More!!!

Ocean and Seas Pre K Curriculum Bundle

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