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Keep track of classroom jobs this year with this Ocean Theme Classroom Job Chart. 


The following jobs are included in this package:


  • Feed the Animals 
  • Record the Date (Calendar Helper)
  • Send the Message (Messenger)
  • Raise the Flag (Flag Holder, American and Christian pledges)
  • Hold the Word (Bible Pledge)
  • Watch the Weather (Weather Monitor)
  • Swab the Deck (Cleaner)
  • Check the Chairs (Chair Stacker)
  • Help the Captain (Teacher Assistant)
  • Lead the Line (Line Leader)
  • Follow the Crew (Caboose)
  • Hold the Hatch (Door Opener)
  • Scrub the Tables (Table Washer)
  • Dim the Lights (Light Monitor)
  • Pass the Paper (Paper Manager)
  • Count the Crew (Attendance Monitor)
  • Check the Centers (Center Monitor)
  • Deck Hand (Snack Assistant)
  • Quartermaster (Room Monitor)
  • Pray for Rations (Prayer Person)


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Ocean Job Chart

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